Quest For Fire

Detroit (pronounced Dee-Twah) is french for city with sketchy spots in it.  I wanted to see what this town was all about or at least what it used to be aboot.  It’s got tons of old building that aren’t really used if you don’t count ghosts or tresspassers.  Including this one gorgeous trainstation.  Apparently it’s owned by some rich tycoon guy who totally lacks origininallity when it comes to doing evil rich guy stuff.  Like, I don’t know, why don’t you start your own military with lazers or genetically modify animals to kill people with lazers instead of just owning a building in D-town and never fixing it up.  Really lazy there, evil rich guy dood.

I met tonsa cool people including my choclate princess Loritta.  She’s wassup.  Showed me a few cool places and we even stumbled upon a group of kids (20 somethings) playing bean bag toss with what seamed like some old drunk homeless men.  After conducting a hang session with these rando’s I found out that I had simply been being agest and that the old dudes where just drunko’s who lived in the apt. with the kids.  Drunk Bob, pictured above, only allowed me to take a picture with him to put on the internet as long as it said he was available for picnics and birthdays.  It also had to say this in text that looked kid drew it.  Mission accomplished!

DT detroit had some cool statues as well.  There’s the dude holding the glowing ball thing and the family.  It’s ‘sposed to represent God’s relationship to the family.  That is unless you’re a popular food chain that modified this statue for their menu and window art.  To them the statue represents God’s intended relationship between condiments and hotdogs b/c they put those things in the statues hands.

There was also stargate in Dee-Twa!  I know!  Smart thinking too.  If aliens come through that thing they’ll all be like “This is what we came to conquer?  Lets turn around and go some where we’ll be able to use our lazers on stuff that doesn’t already looked lazered”  I kid!  They’ll prolly just get sketched out and leave.

There’s even a special bowling venue called Garden Bowl.  Even though I usually get angry when places don’t live up to their name as this place neither had plants in it or was shaped like bowl, it was sweet.  There’s a stage over the bowling lanes where bands sometimes play!  Jams and strikes?!  Yes please!

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